Why is the Army Run and Terry Fox Run Held on the Same Date?

Written by: Graham Acreman
September 19, 2015

On several occasions now the Army Run and Terry Fox Run have been held on the same date.  It’s hard to understand why these two great events conflict in timing.  Both support great causes: the Terry Fox Run, now celebrating 35 years is the largest fundraising event in support of cancer research in the world;  the Army Run , now in it’s 8th year is about Canadians and the Canadian Armed Forces joining together in the spirit of camaraderie and community. Proceeds and fundraising efforts are directed to Soldier On and the Military Families Fund.  Again, they are two wonderful events supporting worthwhile causes. So what gives?

The answer so that question is generally along the lines of the two events appealing to different crowds. While this is undoubtably the case with some of the participants, I’ve personally heard a number of runners express their surprise over the scheduling conflict each year it has occurred and can’t help but think that this issue needs revisiting.

Ottawa is such a generous and active community and it would be ideal to see these two events scheduled in a manner so as not to conflict or draw away from each other.




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One response to “Why is the Army Run and Terry Fox Run Held on the Same Date?”

  1. triguy1984 says:

    Great question. I agree, both are wonderful causes. It is interesting that the army half marathon did not sell out this year. I have done both events in the past and if I had to choose between the two, the Terry Fox Run would come out on top. I guess it’s because I remember watching Terry Fox on TV run across Canada and it inspired me so much. Wow, 35 years already!!!

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