Triathlon Training Resources in Ottawa, Ontario

Swimming, Cycling, Running & Triathlon Training in Ottawa.

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Club/CoachSwimBikeRunPlansWebsiteAlso Available
Zone3SportsYesYesYesYesWebFlorida training camps
Peak CentreYesYesYesYesWebFitness testing, nutritional analysis & diet design, bio mechanical analysis, sport psychology
Euro Sports NoYesNoNoWebTacx VR Training; full service multi-sport lifestyle shop
K2J FitnessNoNoYesYesWebRun clinics, private coaching
Ottawa Triathlon ClubYesYesYesYesWebSkills videos, education resources, group meetings, club social & special events.
TechnosportYesYesNoYesWebSwim camps, motivation & personal training.
Running RoomNoNoYesYesWeb Free group runs Wednesday evenings & Sunday Mornings; "Learn to Run" group.
Bytown StormYesYesYesYesWebMental performance, nutritional counselling.
Team TriumphYesYesYesYesWebPersonal coaching, training camps.
Natural Fitness LabNoYesYesYesWebXC Ski & snowshoe, Training camps, fitness testing, trail running.
Fitness DynamicsYesYesYesYesWebPersonal coaching and training plans. Kids programs.
Big Five Triathlon ClubYesYesYesYesWebPersonal training, kids programs, video analysis.
Ottawa FitYesYesYesYesWeb Obstacle course training.
D’Aoust Training SystemsNoYesNoYesWeb Bike fit, nutrition, personal training.



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