Rattle Me Bones Running Event Cancelled For 2014

The Ottawa Hospital Foundation (OHF) has announced that this year’s edition of the Rattle Me Bones running event has been cancelled.  Stephanie Egan from the OHF advised that the cancelation was very unfortunate and the decision to do so was not taken lightly.  Ultimately, changes within the volunteer organizing committee coupled with a lack of succession planning seem to be the key factors in the decision.

Kent Woodhall, the event’s former Race Director for the past 15 years, resurrected the event in 1999 with a small group of volunteers from the former General Hospital.  Under Woodhall’s leadership the event continued to grow and since 1999 it has raised more than 1.1 million dollars in support of bone cancer research at the Ottawa Hospital.  Earlier this year, Woodhall accepted a new role with another hospital and due to conflicts was unable to continue on as race director. The OHF ultimately felt it did not have the expertise and lead time in order to stage a successful event.

Woodhall indicated that one of the logistical challenges faced by the organizers is structuring the event in such a way as not to impede the operations of the two hospitals which are the starting and finishing areas for the races.  The challenge is compounded by the growing number of participants. “In some ways, the event has become a victim of its own success”, said Woodhall.   He said that the event was organized by volunteers on their own time and they relied on 250 volunteers on event day.

The Rattle Me Bones running event has been a local favourite in the Ottawa area for more than 20 years.    Though not an official OHF event, the OHF was a huge supporter and the beneficiary of the event’s fundraising efforts which last year was attended by more than 3,000 runners.

Egan says that Rattle Me Bones will be back in 2015 and that the OHF wants to put on the best event possible. She emphasized that the event and foundation appreciated the support of all the past participants and volunteers.



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