MEC Ottawa Race 2 – Spring Gallop

The Spring Gallop 5k & 10k runs were held this morning at the scenic Nepean Equestrian Park.  Parking was easy and free (always a bonus) and the sun was shining making it feel a bit warmer than the 4C that it was. The cool temperatures didn’t seem to deter anyone and a number of runners were spotted wearing shorts and shirts only. One brave soul even ran topless!

MEC Ottawa Race 2 Spring Gallop

MEC Ottawa Race 2 Spring Gallop


Getting ready

Getting ready


MEC Ottawa 20140427_05

Both races started together a little after 9:00am and featured a broad range of runners..


Starting instructions

Starting instructionsAnd they're off....And they’re off….


The overall race flowed really well.  It was a great event and only $15.  Well done MEC!


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