Canada Man Xtreme Triathlon Comes to Lac-Mégantic, Quebec – Canada

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Canada Man Xtreme Triathlon Comes to Lac-Mégantic, Quebec – Canada

Canada Man (and Canada Woman) Extreme Triathlon is coming to Lac-Mégantic, Quebec July 9, 2017.

The course is an Iron Distance event with a 3.8km swim followed by a 180km ride and capped off with a full 42.2km marathon. Competitors of this point-to-point race will finish the run at the top of Mount Mégantic and those who finish by midnight with be proclaimed an official Canada Man/Canada Woman.

The “Xtreme” billing originates from several factors including the challenging bike course featuring a 2,500 metre (8,202 feet) elevation gain.  For comparison, Ironman Mont Tremblant’s bike course has an 1,800 metre elevation gain and Ironman Lake Placid’s bike course has a 2,103 metre gain. Arguably even more “Xtreme”, the marathon is actually a trail run up Mount Mégantic with a 1,600 metre (5,249 foot) gain. Finally, to make it just a bit more challenging, many of the race course sections will be unsupported.



Yesterday, Canada Economic Development (CED) announced that is was supporting the inaugural event with $310,465 in financial assistance to help organize the race.  The financial assistance is in conjunction with its overall support of the economic and commercial recovery of the town of Lac-Mégantic in the aftermath of the rail accident that occurred on July 6, 2013.

CANADA MAN/CANADA WOMAN is part of a series of four competitions: NORSEMAN (Norway), SWISSMAN (Switzerland) and CELTMAN! (Scotland). The participants are usually athletes who have taken part in many IRONMAN events and want a more intense challenge.

Jean-Guy Cloutier, Mayor of Lac-Mégantic said, “The town of Lac-Mégantic is very proud to host this international sporting event. It is important for us to showcase the region to hundreds of national and international visitors and thus embrace our leadership role in the region. This event will help us take one more step towards the economic recovery of our region.”

Further information about the Canada Man/Canada Woman Extreme Triathlon can be found on the event website here.

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